Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Raffle Prizes

We got some extra raffle prizes for the show this (yes, THIS!) Friday!

Are you having issues with villains stealing your cookies? You have two options....move out of Metropolis, or hides your cookies in this Superman cookie jar. If Superman is stealing your cookies, that's another problem you'll have to solve on your own time. BTW, thank you to Lonestar Comics in Plano!  

Not nerdy enough for you? We also have a collector metal sign of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What would you do with such an item? Make your living room make Ben Hur look like and epic for starters.
Not enough, you say? Never fear, we've got more! We had someone donate in pristine cellophaned condition  Family Guy Volume 4 (not to be confused with SEASON 4....long story you should look up on Wikipedia). Here is a picture as proof.

Maybe you're not a nerd and/or you're hungry. You're in luck! Thanks to the Frisco Buffalo Wild Wings, we're going to raffle off a $20 gift card. Do you know how many boneless wings you can get on Fifty Cent Boneless Wing Night on Thursdays? Yes. And some beer.

We have a couple of prizes that people are creating ESPECIALLY for us that I can't put up yet. But come out to the show, raffle tickets will be $5 a piece, and help us raise money for some sick kids! 

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