What is Child's Play?
Child's Play was started by Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade. It helps raise toys, games, and money for Children's Hospitals all over the world.

Why should I give?
A lot of sick kids spend a lot of time in the hospital not able to run and play like they used to. These donated items help children forget their troubles for a while and allows them to play with siblings and other kids. Don't believe that these items can make a difference? Read some letters on the Child's Play site how much it means to these children and their families. It will change your mind.

How can I help?
Buy a ticket to our show because all proceeds go directly towards Child's Play. You can also donate at www.ChildsPlayCharity.org, buy off of a Child's Play Amazon Wishlist (here's Children's Medical Center Dallas, or use our Chip In Button here on the right. Also, we are looking for items to raffle off during the show. If you are interested in giving a raffle item, please contact Megan Mayo.

When/Where is the show?
All show info is here.

How do I get tickets?
You can get tickets at the door, or you can call Opening Bell Coffee at 214-565-0383. Tickets are $10.

Can I donate my N64 complete with Wavebird and Smash Bros?
While we certainly appreciate your taste in games, the hospitals can only accept new gifts.